Navigate a true course to the US market

Helping small and medium sized businesses trade with, expand to and operate in the American market.

Service and offering

Small to medium sized businesses are recognizing the immense potential of expanding into the American market. The challenges, however, can be daunting for companies unfamiliar with the territory. True Course, Ltd. can demystify the process, providing you and your company with the peace of mind and guidance to make informed business decisions suited to your objectives.

Whether you require an understanding of one particular issue of law or business, or desire to create a long term, step-by-step strategy for entering the American market, True Course, Ltd., through its Managing Director, Jonathan Strassberg, will work personally with you to develop plans for your business that help limit your liability, maintain your flexibility and smooth your transition to and operation in this diverse market.

With almost 30 years of experience in both American law and business, and located permanently in the UK, Jonathan is well-positioned to help your business navigate a true course to the American market.

A typical, but by no means exhaustive, list of issues we can explore with you includes:

  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Establishing an appropriate business structure for your needs
  • Negotiating and contracting with agents, distributors and vendors
  • International and domestic sales contracts
  • Income and tax considerations
  • Limiting liability, including product liability
  • Employment contracts and agreements with sub-contractors
  • Reducing litigation risk
  • Federal and State regulations that affect your business
  • Import and Export regulations and practices in the US
  • Preventative Law Review

Navigate a true course to the US market